Camay International Pink Classic Soap 3U X 125g

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Enjoy a truly luxurious and pampering shower experience with Camay! Camay Classic Bathing Soap is a nourishing and fragrant body soap that gives you soft & supple skin with a lingering elegant scent. Camay Imported Soap is formulated with classic French Fragrance and the essence of Carnations & Red Roses to make your everyday feel extraordinary. Enriched with the natural scents of Carnation & Red Roses, Camay Body Soap is skin-friendly and suitable for daily use. Carnation is known to have therapeutic properties and helps to reduce daily stress. It is also beneficial in soothing skin and can prevent skin aging. Red Roses are packed with Vitamin A & C and thus help deeply moisturize skin, making skin beautiful & glowing. Camay Bathing Soap forms a rich, creamy lather to give you an indulging experience while also nourishing the skin. With Camay Skincare Soap, don’t just wash away dirt & impurities but also daily stress & skin problems. A rejuvenating bathing experience waits for you!

About the Brand: Perfume has always been an integral part of French charm and the final touch in the image of every woman. It was this kind of expert approach to perfume that inspired the creation of Camay in 1926 and has helped it to become a legendary global brand. The Camay perfume collections correspond to modern trends, their compositions are diverse, unique and versatile, like a true woman: from the delicate aroma of roses of the French Romantique collection to the exotic and seductive aroma of violets of the Secret Bliss collection.

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